My visit to the island of Guam was a pretty decent trip. It has many things that could attract tourist. Sadly I couldn’t do everything I wanted to but I did get some things done. Now, going right into things I did, and experienced on the island.

The Weather

When I was there the high was around 90-100 on the daily, with a low of around 70. Bring lots of sunscreen the sun takes no prisoners. It rained off and on, but the rain would almost never stay long than an hour. The one time I stopped to actually get an umbrella the rained stopped 10 steps out of the hotel. Coming from -20 degree weather to Guam was a big difference for me, and I enjoyed putting on shorts for the first time all year. If you are looking for a tan, it is guaranteed you will get one when visiting Guam.


The HYATT is where I stayed and it was a pretty good hotel. Large rooms came with a full bathroom with both a tub and shower (separated). The toilets were the ones that washed your bum for you. I can’t lie I tried it on more than one occasion. My friends made jokes that when we left they had to go back to being barbarians and wiping their own butts. The price is a bit on the expensive side but hey if you’re there on vacation then you may have taken into account the expensive prices. The views from the hotel that overseen the beach were stunning. I actually caught a picture with the rainbow right behind the hotel.


Easy access to the beach, if you want to just go out there and relax some nights. The service there was also on point, whenever you called for anything they would get it to you ASAP. I would have to give the hotel a solid rating cause it was a solid stay. (Didn’t actually think I would be writing this travel blog so I didn’t get pictures of my hotel room)

Places I Visited

Even though I didn’t visit or do everything I wanted to I did get to go to some of them. For instance:

Chamorro Village

This is the place to be on Wednesday nights. It’s free to just walk in, and explore everything is has to offer. It’s packed with vendors trying to sell you their food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. There is also entertainment. There were dance groups dancing in different areas of the village, also a small area that tourist would dance.


Here are some teens that were dancing when I went. Looks like they were out there having fun, and it was free entertainment. Had a couple of mistakes but hey we all make them, they got back up and kept it going. Overall I was glad I came and watched. Now the selection of food while at Chamorro was pretty deep.

Now tell me this doesn’t look good. Sadly that is the only picture that I have of the food, and drink places that were at Chamorro Village. The Strawberry Guava slush that was at one of the vendors was a 10 out of 10 if you go you have to try it. Overall Chamorro Village was a great experience for me and my friends. If I ever visit Guam again I will definitely be going back and will make sure I take lots of pictures.

The Bars:


Here we ate upstairs, my friends say they didn’t like the chips and the service food wise was very slow. (I agree with them on that one seeing we were the only ones there.) When we went downstairs we decided to get some drinks and the service turned out pretty good. I met the bartender Jes who provided some good banter and gave tips on places to go around the island. She was also kind enough to provide some history on the island with me. Her boss collected souvenirs from around the world and put them at the bar. Added an interesting flair to the bar scene. Go here if you just want to relax and possibly enjoy some banter (If you are an outgoing friendly person) and maybe learn some things.



This bar was definitely interesting. The bar has a thing where people come in write someone on a dollar and tape their dollars anywhere in the bar. The bar owner Mama (Yes that’s what everyone called her) was a very interesting person. Sometimes you may get free drinks, free drama, free songs, you never know what ya going to get when you go to Fusions which is what makes it great. The bartender was a cool person he helped us play a prank on our sleeping friend. Told him we left him and that the bar is closing while we were hiding, I know it was evil but it was hilarious. We did some line dancing with Mama, such as the cupid shuffle, the wobble, and copperhead road dance. It was a good time, I even made sure to leave my mark on the wall. My dollar had its own spot. Overall visit this place one night with friends, and make the best of it. You will enjoy yourselves.



If you come to this island it is 95.7% guaranteed that if you stay in the Tumon area you will see lots of marriages. If you’ve never been to one, there are plenty of opportunities to get a look at one in person. Every day I was here I ran into a bride getting ready to go to her wedding. So it is a big thing on the island.


Just a short blog about my time there. It’s a good place to go on vacation for a couple of days. Enjoy the beaches, sights, bars, and people. I give the visit 4 out of 5 stars, would definitely go there again when I get the time and money.

Honorable mentions:

The Pentagon – great place to visit on weekends, it’s a blend of locals and tourists on the weekends

Terry’s – The food there is amazing… all local, and the workers were nice people all three times I went you have to eat here at least once before you leave.

Fridays – The servers at the bar were pretty cool and they look out for you

The Beach Bar – The views here are great especially if you can catch the sunset.

Side note – My first travel blog will have more pictures and details next time I travel. So this is a brief synopsis of my time in Guam. If you’ve visited before what are some things you did or places you’ve gone?


Short video of one of the dances:

Kamina (A Tenacious Man)

Kamina, the man the myth the legend, and one of my favorite characters in Anime. Kamina is the Deuteragonist (Could of easily been considered the protagonist) in the anime Gurren Lagann. He was a undeterred idealist who’s stupidity knew no bounds, but that’s what made him my favorite character. From the moment he was introduced at Jiha Village trying to escape to the surface with Simon. Which i must say failed miserably, and was a horrible plan, but hey can’t fault the man for trying right?


Kaminas ambition is what set everything in motion in Gurren Lagann. He wasn’t the brightest character in the Anime, and without Simon at his side he probably would have never made it pass the first couple of episodes alive. From the tunnels of Jiha Village to piercing the heavens. His ambition to be great and to be known is what kept Team Gurren on their adventure.


His fighting spirit could probably only be out did by the older Simon. He advanced very quickly in fighting skill. From the beginning when he first stole him Gunman he was an okay fighter vs foot soldiers. Then when he met Viral he found out he had a lot of work to do so he could be those beyond foot soldiers. He and Simon had to combine to beat Viral because at the time he couldn’t beat Virals Gunman on his own. After a couple of more fights he met Viral again and, he alone was to much for him which proved he was quick at advancing in fighting skill.


Now my favorite moments with Kamina? When he was taunting the priest from Adai Village, I don’t know why but i thought it was hilarious. Every time the priest said something to Kamina, Kamina had a insult to throw at him. That or he tried to taunt him into a fight, all because he felt like the man didn’t have enough fighting spirit to do what Kamina thought was right. Also when he thought Yoko was a surface girl, and thought she was good looking until she said she was from the village next door. At that point he paid her no more attention. Lastly would be the moment when he showed Viral he was just toying with him/stalling so that Simon could take over Dai Gunzan.


Lastly…. One of the most horrific things about Kamina.. His death. It pained me so much when he died that i didn’t finish watching the rest of the season for a couple of weeks because he was my favorite character. His death had me in my feelings, I was ready to write a letter to someone to let them know how i had felt about them building Kamina up just to kill him. Even in the face of death he died his own way. It hurt a lot, (I’m laughing as i write this cause i realized i really was in my feelings), but i got over it and continued the show. Although it wasn’t as good as it was with Kamina it was still a good show to finish. In finishing the show, Kamina got to appear in another episode which surprised me, but i was happy he appeared to send off the crew into the final battle. Just who the hell did you think he was?


Kamina… A Tenacious Man.
“Just who the hell do you think i am?”


These are just my opinions on Kamina from Gurren Lagann. If you’ve seen this show what are some of your favorite moments in the show? Or your favorite characters?

The Magician

Carter was glad that he finally got to dress up for the Cosplay festival. The Black Magician named Ta’Ron an original character in one of his comics. After last year when he went, he realized he didn’t have to be ashamed that he’s twenty-three and dressed up as a fictional character. If people didn’t like it “so what” he thought, it made him happy. He cut two eye holes in a white bandana he had as the finishing touch to his costume. He went to the mirror to get one final look at himself. Gazing at his dark skin, brown eyes, short black hair, dressed in a black cape, white gloves, a black garb, and his white bandana to cover his eyes. Gave himself a wink, turned off the lights in his apartment, then headed to the roof to get a good look at what shops to go to in the festival. Read more

Mercy Healers I Know Your Pain (Overwatch)


Ever tried to heal a whole team of tanks and you’re the only healer? Well, I have and it’s hard. You have teammates that all want to be healed at the same time, and if someone dies its your fault right? No, it’s not your fault you do what you can to heal who you can. If they have a problem with it then they will just have to deal with it.

It’s apparent that no one likes to see the error in their ways when they aren’t getting healed. For instance, if I’m Mercy, and I’m trying to heal you why would you go into a building out of my sight and try to fight someone when you are already low health? Now I have to make the decision either to follow you and, possibly die or heal someone near me that is in my line of sight. In the end, healing is not for the faint of heart. It is the most difficult task on Overwatch and not everyone can do it. Not to mention you have to constantly run from hero’s such as Tracer, Pharah, Ginji and whomever else can get around your team evasively. Have to be very selective on when to take out your pistol its like choosing between letting a teammate die or defend yourself.(Tuff decisions right?) Read more

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

In the bathroom Dean let the water run as he stared in the mirror thinking about the decision he was nigh to make. He put his pale white hands in the water and rubbed them through his dark brown hair. Appearing in the mirror, his eyes were a bright red from the lack of sleep the night before. Sweat down his spine, his breathing was heavy, he closed his eyes and tried to let the running water calm him. His breathing slowed just a bit as the water calmed him. He opened his eyes and gazed at his average stature one last time as he turned off the water and began to walk back into the church halls.

Once he went into the church halls, he took in his surroundings, and noticed the red carpet leading from the center aisle to the pew. The crosses lined throughout the rock walls of the church, a chandelier hung from the walls which lit the church halls. The empty benches in rows from the front near the pew all the way to the back near the tall chained black exit door. To the right of the church was the confession booth, which is precisely what he was looking for.

Dean took a place on the bench closest to the confession booth as he waited for the person in the booth to leave. Five minutes went by and Dean started getting uneasy, thinking about what he was about to do, and say when he got into the booth. He started sweating on the backrest of his neck, forehead, and his palms. Another five minutes went by when Dean noticed a tall, blonde, blue-eyed woman walked out. Wearing a crimson dress, with a black sweater wrapped around her shoulders.

“The priest will see you right away, sir, may you be forgiven and have a blessed day” the lady said as Dean just stared at her.

Dean sat down in the booth when he heard the priest

“What is your name my son” The priest asked Dean

“I am Dean, father” Dean answered in a rasping voice

“You have a confession my son?”

“Please forgive me father for I have sinned”

“What is your sin, my son”

“My thoughts father, I think about injuring a man who has defiled my wife”

“What makes you believe this man has defiled your wife my son”

“I left work early because of a suspicion I had with my wife and it turns out it was true father, she…..” he stopped short to gather himself because actually saying the words made him furious. “She has been cheating on me, soiling my bed with another.”

“It will not be right my son, if you hurt the man.. Do not taint your soul to suffer another. Cast forth your faith in God, and all will be taken care of. He has a plan for you nonetheless”

“I can no longer wait for him to intervene father, my thoughts are becoming overwhelming. I can’t even look at her anymore knowing what she has done, but what makes it worse father is that the man who defiled her is a man of faith” Deans heart started thumping as if it was going to pop through his chest.

“A man of faith? Child what do you mean” the priest stated, sliding back the window so he could look at Deans face.

Once the priest forced the window back, he could see Dean sweating profoundly through his white shirt with his hands inside of his blue jean pockets. He looked into Deans eyes and saw nothing but anger, and it started to make him sweat. His heart raced, as he made out the Deans face from a picture he had seen in his mistress house.

“My child forgive me for I have sinned——”

The bullet shell hit the floor. (The end)

Merely wanted to try my hand at a 300-1500 word real short story. Please comment below and let me know what you guys think, and what I should change for future short stories. Hopefully you liked it, just a quick read. An idea I wanted to fetch out my head while I was thinking about it.


The Journey Begins

The journey begins to become a writer of many stories. A creator of many worlds, characters, and adventures. To have so many adventures, and stories in mind but never put words to paper for others to experience them can be a terrible thing. Life can be short and, you never know how time you will have in this world. Which is why I finally made the decision to stop procrastinating and finally start writing. Read more