The Sun​

Justin walked into his son room with a small lamp observing the pictures his son drew on the wall.

“This isn’t good…” He mumbled to himself trying not to wake his sleeping son.

His son had drawn pictures of the sun, grass, and trees. These things were forbidden since the catastrophic wipe out a few years back, and the human race moved underground. If the authorities saw this they would take his child in for questioning. Justin had to get rid of it quickly. He rushed back to the kitchen where his wife was crying.

“Justin, they’re going to take him…” She was sobbing as he entered

Justin flipped his wife ash brown hair back around her ears and kissed her forehead. “Kath, I won’t let them take our son. We have to get that off the walls before morning. I want you to take Nick and go into our room while I clean it off.”

As he watched Kathy wipe her tears and go get their sun he moved quickly through the kitchen grabbing cleaning supplies and filling a small bucket up with water. She came back holding their son in her arms trying to move slowly so she wouldn’t wake him as she walked to their room. They gave each other a nod as Justin passed by her quickly but silently. Once in the room, he grabbed the small brush out of the bucket while spraying the wall with cleaner. He began scrubbing the wall as hard as he could trying to get the picture off the wall, but no matter how hard he tried it wouldn’t go away.

“SHIT!” he shouted to himself.

Kathy came running in the room. “Whats wrong?” she asked

“Nothing, its okay.” He tried to reassure her.

“It’s not coming off?” She asked.

“No, we can paint over it. Let’s grab the paint from the closet and paint the whole room.” Justin dropped his cleaning supplies and briskly walked back to the kitchen to grab the paint they had in the back of one of the closets.

When he came back into the room he gave his wife one of the paint buckets. “Cover it all up.” He smiled at her trying not to panic himself.

Hours went by as they painted their son room until the colony alarm went off notifying everyone that the day begins soon, and the inspectors will be coming around.

“It’s done. Hurry and shower, and I’ll be right behind you.” He kissed Kathy on the forehead before she walked away to the bathroom.

He did a few more brush overs on the wall and threw the rest of the paint back in the closet before he went to shower also.

When Justin got out of the shower he heard his wife at the door greeting the inspector and letting him in.

“Hello, Inspector.” Justin came and shook his hand.

“Hello sir, I noticed your child isn’t slipping in his room. Is there a reason why?” He shook Justin’s hand.

“He had nightmares so I let him sleep with me.” Kathy smiled.

The Inspector gave an awkward look. “Well how about we wake him and ask?”

Kathy, and Justin both looked at each other.

“Its okay go and, get him.” Justin nodded to Kathy.

As she walked away his heart started racing as he thought about what to do as she went to get their son.

“Here he is, just a bit sleepy.” Kathy came back snapping Justin from his thoughts.

“Hi, there young man.” The Inspector took a knee to get down to Nicks height.

“Hi, mister.” Nick spoke wiping his eyes.

“Did you have bad dreams last night?” The Inspector asked in such a nice voice to try to get him to tell the truth.

“No mister.” Nick mumbled still rubbing his eyes.

The Inspector just looked at Kathy, and Justin as he grabbed Nicks hand, and walked him towards his room. “Well, unless you’re having bad dreams this is where you must sleep. Okay, Nick?” he smiled at Nick

“Yes mister, but where’s the sun?” Nick looked at his freshly painted walls.

“What did you just say?” The Inspectors tone had an edge to it, as his grip on Nicks’ hand tightened.

Justin panicked and quickly struck the inspector over his head with a nearby vase knocking him unconscious. Shock on Kathy and Nicks face as the Inspector laid there unmoving.

“What did you do Justin!? Why?” Kathy cried out grabbing Nick.

“You and I both know what the punishment is when you speak of it!” Justin turned to her. “DEATH BY STRANGULATION!”

“DEATH IS THE PUNISHMENT FOR HURTING ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL!” Kathy was now yelling back at Justin which caused Nick to start crying.

Justin took a knee near Nick. “Its time for you to take care of mom now okay. No crying, I’m going to have to go away for a bit so I need you to be a man in my place.” He smiled rubbing Nicks’ head.

Kathy just stared at Justin. “Justin…” was all she could get out before he kissed her.

“Get out of here before security comes from him not checking in. You didn’t see anything, but you have no go now, and no buts.”

Justin turned away from them both and walked into the kitchen grabbing a knife. When he came back to Nicks room his son and wife were still there.

“I can’t leave you, Justin, I won’t.” Kathy was still crying.

Justin hid the knife behind his back so Nick wouldn’t see. “You have to. NOW GO!” Justin yelled trying not to let a tear fall down his eyes.

He slammed the door after his wife and son finally left, and walked near the inspector laying on the floor unconscious. “I’m sorry.” He let out as he impaled his knife through his heart killing him. He then leaned on the wall taking a deep breath and impaling the knife into his own heart.

“Live…. On…”

Back with another Flash Fiction! Hope you guys enjoy this and feel free to comment and like below. This one was kind of hard for me since I stepped out of my comfort zone of fantasy and action.


As Shawn took another sip of his whiskey a young lady came and took the seat next to him.

“Wow, a drink already?” She smiled “I’m Lauren.” she said as she extended her hand.

“I’m Shawn.” he said as he shook her hand. She felt his sweaty palm as she shook back.

“I take it you don’t like flying?” Lauren asked
“This is my first time actually” Shawn replied while taking another sip of his whiskey.
“Ahh, it’s not that bad! Trust me I do it all the time. It’ll be to be easy, I’ll talk you through it…. just relax.”
“That’s why I’m drinking, I’m trying to—“ Shawn stopped short when he noticed the plane began to taxi onto the runway. “Here we go. I don’t know how I got talked into taking a flight.” Shawn downed the rest of his whiskey. “Nerves are bad, and the plane hasn’t even—”  Shawn was cut off by the flight attendants announcement to the passengers.
“Please enjoy the flight.” The flight attendant said as the announcement ended.
“This is your captain speaking, we’ve been given the green light to take off. flight attendants please be seated for take off.” The captain’s announcement ended.

As the plane began to speed up, and Shawn became anxious. He closed his eyes and put his hand on his head as his legs began to shake. “Please God I know I haven’t been the best of people in this world but I promise if you help me make it out of this I will change my life”  Shawn prayed to himself as the plane began ascending. He felt like he heard every little noise the plane made.
“Is it suppose to sound like that?” Shawn asked Lauren.
“What noise? The engine?” Lauren said with a smile that went unnoticed to Shawn. His eyes were closed and his head leaned back in the seat. She placed her hand on his leg. “It’s fine. I’ll get you another drink on me when we are at cruising altitude…. Just relax!” She giggled
“Girl—” he started just gazing at her blue eyes. “I need that drink now.” he replied while shaking his head. Lauren just tried not to laugh, but she thought it was funny.
“This is your captain speaking. We are now at 33,000 feet our cruising altitude. The flight attendants will be around shortly to assist you with drinks and snacks. Should be approximately three hours and a half until we land in Fairbanks, Alaska.”
“33,000 FEET!? He had to say that? We don’t need to know how high in the damn air we are. Lord!” Shawn looked at Lauren who was side eyeing him while covering her mouth trying not to laugh. “Is this funny?”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she put her head down, as she began to turn red. “I’m not laughing…. I promise!”
Shawn just shook his head as he caught glimpse of the flight attendant walking down the aisle with her cart.
“Would you like a drink or a snack?” the flight attendant asked Lauren who was still trying to hold her laughter in. Shawn answered instead. “We will take a triple shot of whiskey and vodka. No ice please!”
“Okay, I’ll get that right away.” The flight attendant seemed astonished at the choices Shawn selected.  “Anything for you Ms?” she asked Lauren who now had gained her composure.
“Just a coke and rum for me please.” She smiled looking at Shawn nearly downing his whiskey.
“I needed that.” Shawn said finally claiming himself.
“I told you once you get to cruising altitude you’ll be fine. Flying isn’t all that scary.”
“Girl, I’m probably only relaxed now because I got this liquor in me.”
“So what brings you to Fairbanks?” Lauren asked
“Just visiting a friend. She’s having a baby and I’m coming for support.” Shawn replied.
“Well, that’s kind of you. How long are you staying?”
“Just a few days. Not long.”
“Well if you get some free time maybe give me a call or text and I’ll show you around.”
“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’m sure you could show me a lot of things.” Shawn and Lauren were now flirting back and forth until the plane began to tremble abruptly and the seatbelt sign illuminated.
“Seems like we are hitting some unexpected turbulence….please stay seated and put your seatbelt on as the seatbelt sign is now illuminated.” The captain announced.
Shawn closed his eyes trying not to panic, but he began to shudder at the thought of what was happening. “Lord I’m coming to you again. Please allow me to make it through this flight I will never do this again. I will get a rental and just drive home if you help me make it through this flight.” Shawn prayed to himself again. The turbulence was gone. “Thank you Lord”. Shawn thought to himself.
“The turbulence has cleared, and we are now preparing to land. Flight attendants please prep the cabinet for landing.” The captain announced.
“This is the last part Shawn, then we will be on the ground and your first flight will be over!” Lauren said clapping and looking at Shawn who seemed to be very anxious.The sound of the plane breaking soon followed.
“Welcome to Fairbanks Alaska where the current time is 9:24 pm, hope you enjoy your stay, and thank you for flying with us.”

I wanted to challenge myself to write a Flash Fiction about someones first time flying on a plane. There will be a lot more Flash Fiction coming in the future. Remember to like comment, give suggestions, and subscribe if you liked it, and want to see all the other creations I have in store.