Outlaws: The Broken Deal

Connor entered the Red Shogun along with Tallah. A well-fashioned bar; a little local but with the prestige of a casino. They were looking for the twins Connor called Rango and Rupadoop. He didn’t see them in their usual V.I.P spot.

“What do you say we go grab a drink until they get word that we have arrived, and come find us?” Connor asked. Read more

A Rebellion 

It’s been two years since the defeat of my beloved rebels. Along with my capture, and the rise of the new government of what used to be the United States. A dictator government who swears everything they are doing is in the interest of the people. I’m fifteen years old and I knew better to believe something like that. Every since I was captured along with fourteen other girls we’ve Read more

The Magician

Carter was glad that he finally got to dress up for the Cosplay festival. The Black Magician named Ta’Ron an original character in one of his comics. After last year when he went, he realized he didn’t have to be ashamed that he’s twenty-three and dressed up as a fictional character. If people didn’t like it “so what” he thought, it made him happy. He cut two eye holes in a white bandana he had as the finishing touch to his costume. He went to the mirror to get one final look at himself. Gazing at his dark skin, brown eyes, short black hair, dressed in a black cape, white gloves, a black garb, and his white bandana to cover his eyes. Gave himself a wink, turned off the lights in his apartment, then headed to the roof to get a good look at what shops to go to in the festival. Read more

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

In the bathroom Dean let the water run as he stared in the mirror thinking about the decision he was nigh to make. He put his pale white hands in the water and rubbed them through his dark brown hair. Appearing in the mirror, his eyes were a bright red from the lack of sleep the night before. Sweat down his spine, his breathing was heavy, he closed his eyes and tried to let the running water calm him. His breathing slowed just a bit as the water calmed him. He opened his eyes and gazed at his average stature one last time as he turned off the water and began to walk back into the church halls.

Once he went into the church halls, he took in his surroundings, and noticed the red carpet leading from the center aisle to the pew. The crosses lined throughout the rock walls of the church, a chandelier hung from the walls which lit the church halls. The empty benches in rows from the front near the pew all the way to the back near the tall chained black exit door. To the right of the church was the confession booth, which is precisely what he was looking for.

Dean took a place on the bench closest to the confession booth as he waited for the person in the booth to leave. Five minutes went by and Dean started getting uneasy, thinking about what he was about to do, and say when he got into the booth. He started sweating on the backrest of his neck, forehead, and his palms. Another five minutes went by when Dean noticed a tall, blonde, blue-eyed woman walked out. Wearing a crimson dress, with a black sweater wrapped around her shoulders.

“The priest will see you right away, sir, may you be forgiven and have a blessed day” the lady said as Dean just stared at her.

Dean sat down in the booth when he heard the priest

“What is your name my son” The priest asked Dean

“I am Dean, father” Dean answered in a rasping voice

“You have a confession my son?”

“Please forgive me father for I have sinned”

“What is your sin, my son”

“My thoughts father, I think about injuring a man who has defiled my wife”

“What makes you believe this man has defiled your wife my son”

“I left work early because of a suspicion I had with my wife and it turns out it was true father, she…..” he stopped short to gather himself because actually saying the words made him furious. “She has been cheating on me, soiling my bed with another.”

“It will not be right my son, if you hurt the man.. Do not taint your soul to suffer another. Cast forth your faith in God, and all will be taken care of. He has a plan for you nonetheless”

“I can no longer wait for him to intervene father, my thoughts are becoming overwhelming. I can’t even look at her anymore knowing what she has done, but what makes it worse father is that the man who defiled her is a man of faith” Deans heart started thumping as if it was going to pop through his chest.

“A man of faith? Child what do you mean” the priest stated, sliding back the window so he could look at Deans face.

Once the priest forced the window back, he could see Dean sweating profoundly through his white shirt with his hands inside of his blue jean pockets. He looked into Deans eyes and saw nothing but anger, and it started to make him sweat. His heart raced, as he made out the Deans face from a picture he had seen in his mistress house.

“My child forgive me for I have sinned——”

The bullet shell hit the floor. (The end)

Merely wanted to try my hand at a 300-1500 word real short story. Please comment below and let me know what you guys think, and what I should change for future short stories. Hopefully you liked it, just a quick read. An idea I wanted to fetch out my head while I was thinking about it.