After a long night of hanging with the fellas and watching sports Jamie and Marcus were finally headed home.

“Before I drop you off I have to make a quick stop on the way to your house bro.” Jamie told Marcus “It’ll be real quick”

“Man, this isn’t one of your booty calls is it?” Marcus asked

“Come on now, I’m saving myself for marriage” Jamie joked as Marcus just gave him a flat stare. “Besides its a guy. I left something at his house last week I just need to grab it.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m in no rush.”

Jamie and Marcus finally arrived at Jamie’s friend house.

“I’ll be right back, this will be real quick, just need to grab something and make sure Franks alright.” Jamie said to Marcus while opening the car door.

“Man can I use his bathroom I gotta piss.” Marcus laughed while shaking his legs.

“Man—  sit your ass down and, hold it I’m coming right back” Jamie laughed while getting out the car.

Asshole. Marcus thought to himself as he watched Jamie walk up to Franks house.

As the time passed by Marcus couldn’t hold it anymore so he got out the car and went on the side of Franks house near some bushes to urinate. While he was relieving himself he heard arguing coming from the house. He could hear Jamie voice along with another deep male voice. Jamie was yelling at the other guy who Marcus could only assume was Frank. He was yelling at him about how he was supposed to have something ready for him. Marcus debated on if he should go back to the car or knock on the door and see if everything was alright.

“It’s none of my business. Just get back in the car.” Marcus thought to himself as he began to walk away from the house. Suddenly a loud gunshot noise came from the house causing Marcus to get down and look back towards the house. He looked towards the windows to see if he could see anything or anyone. There was Jamie looking right back at him, with a weapon in his hand. Looking right into Jamie’s hazel brown eyes not knowing what he should do, as his heart rate increased sporadically. Jamie broke eye contact running towards the front door, sending Marcus into a frenzy.

Marcus weighed his options, he didn’t know if he should stay and wait to hear out Jamie’s explanation of what he just did or if he should just make a run for it. Marcus heard the door open, and his instinct to survive kicked in as he ran through the field and across the street. Running through the dark streets Marcus didn’t hear or see anything behind him as he stopped to catch his breath. Bending down his hands on his knees, panting relentlessly. His phone rings, he picks it up and notices its Jamie.

“Jamie, what the hell?” Marcus asked still trying to catch his breath.

“Marcus… I didn’t mean to do that” Jamie said on the other end sounding as if he were panicking. “We started arguing, and he reached for the gun and it went off. You have to believe me, Marcus.”

“You have to call the police, and turn yourself in if you didn’t mean it they will understand.”

“Hello? Jamie?” Marcus didn’t get an answer as Jamie went silent.

Marcus turned around and noticed a car in the distance. He went and waved his hand trying to get the cars attention. The car began coming in his direction, and Marcus sighed a sigh of relief. The car got closer and wasn’t slowing down, but Marcus noticed too late as the car was already within striking distance of hitting him. Marcus flew over the top of the car rolling onto the pavement. In pain, Marcus couldn’t move much as he heard the door open and Jamie’s voice followed.

“Why’d you run? You made me panic!” Jamie said walking in circles around Marcus with his hands pressed hard against his head holding his weapon.

“There’s still time to make this right, you don’t have to do this Jamie.” Marcus said wincing in pain.

“I’m not going to jail, I can’t go back to jail. I’d die in there.”

Marcus went silent.

“Marcus?” Jamie leaned closer to the still Marcus.

Marcus jumped up using everything he had left in him head-butting Jamie staggering him. Marcus went for the gun trying to take it but, Jamie’s grip was ungiving. They began tussling for the gun until it went off, both Marcus and Jamie stepped back looking at each other.

“Marcus?” Jamie asked as he fell to his knees. “Marcus? I’m sorry.”

He said as he watched Marcus eyes widen as he placed his hands on the gunshot wound that pierced his chest.

Marcus fell to the ground lifeless.



  1. I really enjoyed reading that! Very descriptive! I could LITERALLY visualize the entire scene…. And awww R.I.P. Marcus. 😢

  2. Thank you for the support! Glad you liked it hopefully I can continue to post more things you will like. 🙂

  3. C

    You’re so talented. This was very vivid to the mind. Thank you for sharing such good artwork with us. So talented dude.

  4. Thank you for the support! Glad you liked it.

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